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Whale Watching / Bear Search Combo

Whale Watching/Bear Search Combo

Get the most out of your time by combining Chichagof Island's two most popular attractions with our Whale watch/Bear Search Combination tour! This tour combines our 3.5 hour bear/wildlife search with our 3 hour whale watching tour. Our guides will also be able to give a brief city tour en route to the bear viewing grounds. Depending on the schedule, we can start this combo tour with either the bear or the whale watching tour.

After the first portion of the tour is completed, there is a brief stop at Misty Bay Lodge to pick up lunches, (available for $12.95/person) use restrooms, and take advantage of an opportunity to grab a free cup of coffee. After the second portion of the combination is finished, this tour concludes with a transport back to your cruise ship.

With this tour, not only are you more efficient with your time, but you also save $19.00 per person!

Whale Watching, Bear & Wildlife Viewing. Custom Combo Packages can be created to fit your needs and time frame. Just let us know your date of travel and how much time you have to explore Hoonah and Icy Strait.

WHALES/BEARS/WILDERNESS $236/pp + 6.5% city tax = $251.34/pp

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